Admission 入學事宜

WVCLS welcomes child(ren) from age 5 (on or before September 1, 2017 per State of California law) or older to enroll. Pre-registration or early registration will be open from now through May 19th with a $20 discount, while “walk in/last minute” registration will be accepted during the first 2 weeks of the school year in September.

Please download the registration package, fill in the three forms, print them out, then sign and date. Please hand in the completed forms with the tuition fee to our Registrar during the registration period in the student center at Homestead High School on Fridays 7-9pm. If you mail in the application, please send to the mail box :
P.O. Box 2383
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

For the 2017-2018 school year, we are again offering an AP Chinese Class. Current C7 students or above are welcome to register. Teacher assessment is required to be successfully placed in the class. If interested, please download the AP Chinese Class registration package for more details and the AP Chinese Class Registration Form. We encourage you to register early to reserve a seat for your child.

We have also made couple enrollment flyers to advertise our school, our scholarship fund, and the latest AP class curriculum. Everyone is more than welcome to download the flyers, forward them to friends and relatives, or print them out to post at popular public places such as libraries, cafes, churches, day care centers etc to help promote the school. This is a normal flyer, and this is same flyer with tags so you can print out and post for people to rip off the tags. Thank you for the help!

The school also has three separate classes for adults only; one is an adult Cantonese class, one is adult Yi Jin Jing (易筋經) class (Like a Chinese Yoga), and the third one is adult culture class. Please download the registration form and waiver form to sign up. Registration fee is $450 (Cantonese), $250 (易筋經) and $20 (culture) respectively for the whole school year.

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