Happy Graduation this Friday!

We worked hard in the past 9 months and had finally made it to the graduation! Make sure you will not miss this happy day.

We will follow the process similar to last year. All students will first report to their classrooms and then join the celebration at the large gym inside the student foyer. We will congratulate our 9 graduating seniors, and thank our teachers for their years of dedicated hard work. We invited two of our ANCCS competition winners to reenact their winning performance, followed by another performance by our student council. We will then give out our first ever scholarship to the student winner, and introduce our next year school board members. The students will spend the next hour receiving their trophies, awards and report cards in the classroom. Please remember to take pictures with best friends and classmates, before diving into the hot summer.

Here is a detail program of the event. See you all at the gym!

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