First school day was a blast!

Despite the 102°F heat, our first day of school went by very fast. There were many young new faces joining our school, and many young familiar faces who had grown so much in a short 3 months time. First day of school was always chaotic, and yesterday was no different, but even more so. Besides […]

Summer is over. Back to school on Sept 1. See you there!

Summer is over and our school year will start on September 1st. If you know friends who want to register, there will be on-site registration on September 1st and September 8th at Homestead High School Student Center from 6:45pm to 8pm. For registered students, a welcome letter has been sent to your mailing address with […]

Congratulations to our graduates. Have a great summer!

Congratulations to the six C-advanced class students and three AP class students who are graduating this academic year! It was heart-warming each year to see them growing up from one class to the next but heart-breaking to realize they will be leaving the school and moving on. We all wish them the very best! Philip […]

2016-2017 北加州中文學校聯合會ANCCS Academic Competition results

It was a nice day, but a very long and exciting one. All our students are well prepared after rehearsing many times in past weeks. In this special day, they dressed up very nicely in tuxedo, ties, and colorful blouses, ready for the fiercest competition. Over 100 Chinese schools in the bay area participated in […]

WVCLS College Scholarships open for application! Deadline is March 31.

WVCLS has established an annual scholarship for WVCLS students who are a junior or senior in high school with the intention of applying to and attending a college, university, or higher institution. The scholarship fund is awarded to the student to cover their expenses attending the educational institution. The 2016-2017 scholarship application form is ready […]

It was a feast!

恭喜發財! With many traditional Chinese New Year dishes, fun games with real money red packets, and a big 40 pounds roast pig, it was a real FEAST !!! Here are some pictures of the food contest winners together with their winning dishes. Thanks to our photographers, Ken Law and Amy Lo, many great pictures are […]

Bring your dish to celebrate the Year of the Rooster this Friday.

恭賀新禧! We would have a school-wide Chinese New Year Party this Friday Feb 10 at School Cafeteria. Please bring a festive dish to the Cafeteria between 6:45 and 7:00pm, and labeled it with class, student name and food ingredients. There will be an optional food contest. The food contest is open for everyone, and we […]

And more winners!

We set up many academic competitions for the students to practice, to experience, and to try their best. This one is the 演講 Speech and 朗讀 LongDu contests. It was a tight race in the junior grades. Congratulations! 班別 冠軍 1st Place 亞軍 2nd Place 季軍 3rd Place 優異獎 Best Effort 優異獎 Best Effort CK […]

Penmanship Contest winners are …

Congratulations to all our hard working young students for their intense effort in carrying on one of the greatest Chinese traditions. Calligraphy is an art in our culture! Here are the winners: 班別 冠軍 1st Place 亞軍 2nd Place 季軍 3rd Place 優異獎 Best Effort 優異獎 Best Effort CK CHLOE LEE 李芷庭 HUNK CHEN 陳昊翔 […]

It was an exciting night! See you in 2017.

We all had a great time with Santa at the Christmas party. The real exciting raffle came at the very end! Thank you for the generosity of many parents and board members, our Santa Claus’s hands were getting tired drawing out so many winning tickets. Our official photographer, Vice Principal Amy’s husband, took lots of […]