Support the school

Monetary donation. Our school is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – tax ID 23-7037404. Any cash donations to the school are very welcomed. The school will give receipts to donors for their federal tax deduction.
In the past many years, we received many monetary donations from parents, alumni, teacher and school board. It is all of us that makes our school successful. On behalf of all the school, Thank You!

Company Gift Matching. This is an efficient way of donation to help the School. Many companies offer a donation-matching program, providing monetary donation to the school you have volunteered. Any one, two or many hours you volunteered can be turned into dollar donation to the school. Please contact your company’s HR department to check out their specific program(s) and forms. We are thankful to the donations of our parents who worked in Intel, Cisco, Google, TI, IBM, Oracle, HP, Kaiser, …

Any other ways. As an example, a C1 class parent had donated 8 boxes of white paper to the school on 9/20/2013. A teacher had donated a video projector on 1/8/2016. They are all ingenious and caring for the school. We really appreciate the help.

AmazonSmile…. WVCLS has registered with Amazon to be the charitable organization of our choice. After signing up in AmazonSmile website, we can shop in Amazon the same way we did. Same products. Same prices. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of our eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the school. Here is a 1-page screen shots to help. It should take only 30 seconds.
More about AmazonSmile here.

eScrip…. We can help the School while we shop. Just sign up and register our Safeway card or credit card. Here is a 2-page screen shots to help. It should take only 5 minutes.

Please contact our web master Ken Ng if you need any help in completing the forms.

Thank you.

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