Christmas Party on Friday Dec 16!

Time really flies, and 2016 is near the end! As usual, we are having our Christmas Fund Raising Party at the school before taking the two weeks off.

Besides having fun at the classroom party and taking class picture with Santa, we invited a professional photographer who will take a high resolution digital picture of your child/family/friends with Santa in a picturesque backdrop for seasonal greetings. $5 donations to the school are welcome!

This year, we are very fortunate that one of our new board members has donated hundreds of dollars as raffle prizes. So make sure to purchase the fund raising $1 raffle ticket and stay around after school to win a stuffed monkey car, flurry baby sheep, and hundred of dollars!

Thanksgiving is the time to give.

In supporting our community, Student Council is hosting the Second Harvest Food Drive on Friday 11/18. It is a blessing to be able to give to others.

Student Council is running a competition where the class with the most donations (=points) by the end of the month will win a pizza party! Details are here.

Many ways to donate:

  • Cash/Check payable to WVCLS. We can give receipts for tax deduction.
  • Unopened & non-perishable food on Nov 18
  • Online directly any time in Nov. Please write in your name to get class points.

On behalf of the school and the Second Harvest Food Bank, we thank you for your support.

It was so much fun in Family Fun Fund Raising Night!

Many many thanks to our Student Council and our PTA Co-Director Ken Law in organizing the Family Fun Night. The whole school had so much fun playing so many games, and the Pearl Milk Tea were all sold out!

Archery, Basketball, Bean Bag Toss

Bowling, Chopsticks, Lollipop Draw

Mini-Golf, Shuffleboarding

We would also want to thank Quickly Milk Tea for providing their continuous support to our fund raising event.

Oct 28 Family Fun Night, with Pearl Milk Tea!

Our Student Council is organizing a Family Fun Night, from 9 to 10pm, at the Student Service Center. Purchase your Pearl Milk Tea along the way to support the school!

The Student Service Center will be filled with games, including Archery, Bean Bag Toss, Lollipop Draw, Basketball, Bowling, Mini-Golf, Soccer, and Shuffleboarding. At the same time, Student Council is holding a fund-raising Pearl Milk Tea event to support our school. So when your child is hot and sweaty playing the games, treat them with a cool cup of pearl milk tea!

To assure a pearl milk tea will be ready for your child, you can pre-order by submitting the form. Then pay when you pick up your order on Oct 28.

Oct 21, free showing of “我愛香港” episodes, room B108

Thanks to our PTA directors, Olivia & Ken Law, we will have a free showing of couple episodes of “我愛香港” in room B108, starting at 7:10pm. All parents are welcomed to come watch the shows.

“我愛香港” is the latest series of game shows produced by Hong Kong TVB and had started broadcasting in August this year. More details are in their wiki page.

A light refreshment will be provided. See you in B108!

Great turnout in All Parents Meeting. Here is a summary.

We have good participation in our Meeting last Friday, enjoying organic grapes and moon-cakes. Here is a summary for some of us who were not able to attend.

  1. Usual parade of volunteering board members. We are very happy to welcome new members Heidi Wong, Lydia Chan, and Ken Law.
  2. With many generous donations from parents and their matching companies, we were able to reduce last year deficit down to $5500.
  3. With a reduced enrollment and rising cost, we are projecting a $23,000 deficit for the coming year. Will need a lot of hard work to reduce it this year.
  4. We gave out scholarships to 5 students last year totaling $3500.
  5. Two of our AP class students had passed the College Board Chinese AP test.
  6. In the coming year, in addition to the usual activities, we plan to add:
    • Parents Nights. This will be some topics of interest to our parents. If you have any interesting topics, feel free to contact PTA Co-Director Olivia.
    • Summer Exchange Program. This will be a summer exchange program involving SJSU and a Chinese University for our students. Interested parents can contact Marketing / Public Relations Director Lydia for more details.

All Parents meeting 9/16 from 7:15 to 8pm in Cafe.

All parents are welcomed to join us in the annual All Parents Meeting on Sept 16 from 7:15pm to 8pm at the new Cafeteria. Light refreshment will be provided. It is a good opportunity to ask school board questions, raise any concerns, or make your great suggestions.

  1. 2016-2017 Board Member Introduction
  2. Financial Report
  3. 2015-2016 Recap
  4. 2016-2017 Plans
  5. Supporting our school
  6. Q&A

See you all there!

Parent Information Nights will be in the classrooms from 8:10-8:30pm(CK to C2) and 8:35-9pm(C3 to CAdv)

Sept 2 is our 1st day of school. See you there!

After enduring a hot and dry summer, it will be great to see our students in the first day of school at Homestead High Building B. Come before 7pm to find a good parking space and check out your classroom assignment.

There will be on-site registration on September 2th and September 9th from 6:45pm to 8pm, for new and returning students. Here is a quick list of upcoming events:

  • 9/2 On-site registration
  • 9/9 On-site registration, Parent Information night (7:05-7:30pm) for AP classes
  • 9/16 Back to School Night – All Parents Meeting (7:15-8pm) in Cafeteria. Parent Information night for CK to C2 (8:10-8:30pm) and C3 to CAdv (8:35-9pm) classes in classrooms

See you on all on Friday 9/2.

2015-2016 北加州中文學校聯合會ANCCS Academic Competition results

It was a long day. Our parents with their children, winning or not, stayed to the end to applaud the winners. That’s a sportsmanship that our Curriculum Co-Director Olivia really appreciated.

Over 100 Chinese schools in the bay area participated in the annual ANCCS Academic Competitions. Besides the usual Cantonese Speech and Cantonese LongDu, we competed in several other categories such as the newest CFL-CSL朗讀 and pencil calligraphy.


CFL-CSL朗讀C組 粵語演講B組 粵語演講C組 粵語演講D組 粵語朗講B組 粵語朗讀D組 鉛筆書法C組
名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名 名次 學校 姓名
佳作 西谷 張綺琪 西谷 陳錦魰 西谷 李信德 西谷 余芷諺 西谷 陳錦燕 西谷 鄭思詠 西谷 陳瑤
西谷 黃聆風

Thanks to Philip for many nice pictures to share. Here are some quick picks. Many more are in here.

Early registration starts on April 1. Sign up early!

The school’s early registration for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year will start on coming Friday April 1, 2016. Download the forms and turn them in between April 1 and May 27 to get a $20 discount. You can also get a $10 discount for each sibling enrollment and service exemption for new student referral. Thank you for the support!

We are again offering an AP Chinese Class this year. Please download the AP Chinese Class registration package for more details and the AP Chinese Class Registration Form. We encourage you to register early to reserve a seat for your child.

The school also has two separate classes for adults only; Mandarin class and culture class. Please download the registration form and waiver form to sign up. The Mandarin class has a $60 discount if sign up by July 31 before school starts.

We have also made couple enrollment flyers to advertise our school, our scholarship fund, and our latest AP class curriculum. Everyone is more than welcome to download the flyers, forward them to friends and relatives, or print them out to post at popular public places to help promote the school. This is a normal flyer, and this is same flyer with tags so you can print out and post for people to rip off the tags. Thank you for the help!