Support the community. Support the Food Drive!

Student Council is hosting the Second Harvest Food Drive this Friday 11/13 and next Friday 11/21. It is more blessed to give than receive!

All these donations are welcomed:

  • Cash/Check payable to WVCLS. We can give receipts for tax deduction.
  • Unopened & non-perishable food
  • Online directly

On behalf of the school and the Second Harvest Food Bank, we thank you for your support.
We are targeting to achieve Gold Award again this year!

Class Observation on Nov 6, Dec 4, 2015 and Jan 8, 2016.

Nov 6 is our first Class Observation Day in this school year.

On any or all of these 3 days, all parents are welcomed to download or pick up a form from the office or Building B corridors, then proceed to sit quietly in their child’s classroom to observe and evaluate the teacher’s classroom teaching. Write down your feedbacks on the form and drop it off to the office. This will help us in giving anonymous feedbacks to the teachers as well as improving the school in general.

As a token of appreciation for your efforts, we will have a lucky draw for the participating parents. When you return the Class Observation Form to Student Center, the Officer On Duty will give you a raffle ticket. Please fill in your name, cell phone number and your child’s name/class on the ticket. We will announce the winner(s) during Chinese New Year Party.

Food Drive GOLD Award! Family Fun with Pearl milk tea Oct 30.

Many thanks to our Student Council, our Secretary June and PTA co-director Johnie, the annual Food Drive had exceeded all our previous year records, achieving GOLD status!

On behalf of the school and the Second Harvest Food Bank, we thank you for your support!

Continuing on their success, our Student Council is holding a Family Fun Night together with a $3 Pearl Milk Tea Fund Raising on this Friday 10/30/2015. Click to make your order!

Submit your digital greeting card design by Oct 31.

The Association of Northern California Chinese Schools (ANCCS) is holding a digital greeting card competition. As a member of the association, all students of our Chinese school are free to join!

Some 30 prizes, ranging from $10 to $100, will be given out to the winners in the 3 age groups. Just sign up at their website, then exercise your creativity and submit your designs in JPEG or PDF format to by Oct 31, 2015. To maximize our chance of winning, each student can submit up to 3 designs!

More details of the competition can be found here. If you have any questions, our Curriculum Co-Director Vera Chan would be glad to help!

Parent Outreach on college application process, Oct 16

Which U.S. colleges are best for my child? How many to apply? Public or private? There are many routes to take.

You are cordially invited to our first Parent Outreach event this Friday Oct 16 at 7:15pm in the brand new Cafeteria where some of our parents who had went through the process will share their experience and learnings. We’ll cover a variety of topics including the current U.S. college landscape, choosing a college, financial matters, the application as well as the evaluation process. Raise any questions you might have to get some answers.

See you all there!

Please join us in the AGM meeting Sept 25.

All parents are welcomed to join us in the Parents Annual General Meeting on Sept 25 from 7:15pm to 8pm at the newly remodeled Cafeteria. Light refreshment will be provided. It is a good opportunity to ask any questions to the school board, raise any concerns, or make your great suggestions.

  1. 2015-2016 Board Member Introduction
  2. Financial Report
  3. 2014-2015 Recap
  4. 2015-2016 Plans
  5. Supporting our school
  6. Q&A

See you all there!

C7–CAdv Parent Information Night on the same Friday will be in the classrooms from 8:40pm to 9pm.

Are you ready? First Day of School, Sept 4, is coming!

Our first day of school will start as usual at 7pm at Homestead High Building B. Come early to find a good parking space and check out your classroom assignment.

There will be on-site registration on September 4th and September 11th from 6:45pm to 8pm, for new and returning students. Here is a quick list of upcoming events:

  • 9/4 On-site registration
  • 9/11 On-site registration, Parent Information night for CK to C2 and AP classes
  • 9/18 Parent Information night for C3 to C6 classes
  • 9/25 General Parents Meeting for ALL parents, Parent Information night for C7 to CAdv classes

See you on Friday 9/4.

Enjoy the summer, see you on Sept 4.

It was so much fun and satisfaction to see the many graduates happily posting with their parents and bidding farewell to their beloved teachers.

We had a wonderful evening watching the live performance of our winning students in the ANCCS competition, congratulating the first recipient of our college scholarship, and best of all, listening to the inspiring speech of each of our nine graduates. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours.

Here are many pictures from Philip to share and treasure the moments.

With our official sent-off to the summer, we will see you all on Friday September 4!

Happy Graduation this Friday!

We worked hard in the past 9 months and had finally made it to the graduation! Make sure you will not miss this happy day.

We will follow the process similar to last year. All students will first report to their classrooms and then join the celebration at the large gym inside the student foyer. We will congratulate our 9 graduating seniors, and thank our teachers for their years of dedicated hard work. We invited two of our ANCCS competition winners to reenact their winning performance, followed by another performance by our student council. We will then give out our first ever scholarship to the student winner, and introduce our next year school board members. The students will spend the next hour receiving their trophies, awards and report cards in the classroom. Please remember to take pictures with best friends and classmates, before diving into the hot summer.

Here is a detail program of the event. See you all at the gym!

Classes for parents and adults

With popular demands, we are setting up a Mandarin class again for our parents in the coming 2015-2016 school year.

We are planning to have two separate classes for our parents and adults; one is a Mandarin class, the other is a culture class. Please download the registration form and waiver form to sign up. Registration fee is $450 and $20 respectively for the whole school year. With a $60 discount if sign up by July 31, the Mandarin class is ($450 – $60) / 32 classes / 2 hours each class = only ~$6/hour!